Monday, May 07, 2012

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wilma

It is only a year since we started this journey as a married couple together,
However, it feels like it has been long since we have known each other.
Like most married couples for the start, we too had our share of difficulties,
Nevertheless, what matters now is how strongly we have overcome our initial anxieties.

It is good that we were similar in some aspects,
As else, the going could have been tougher is what I suspect.
All I can say is for every single one of the arguments I initiated,
You surely played the role of the calming influence and were unaffected.

I really like you for what you are,
Hence, I do not want you to change even one bit just for me.
If there is something that really needs to change completely,
It is my temper, which I now finally display only occasionally.

For the start, you really played the role of a homemaker perfectly,
Now that you are working, you continue to balance the house responsibilities so diligently.
The only thing I wish for you my dear, loving wife,
Is that I continuously improve on my efforts at being a good spouse in this life.