Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smile and the World Smiles with U

I have recently started knowing a girl, who manages to smile all the time,
And i really feel she should consider herself lucky that this is not a crime,
Coz if that were the case then she would spend her entire life behind bars,
As i really feel it is too much to expect her to breakdown into tears.

She told me if i wrote something about her, it has to be definitely good,
And that is something which i could not have misunderstood,
So i guess she has a clue that it's her smile which i would talk about,
As this is definitely something which i tell her day in and day out.

See girl i have hardly known you for a few days,
And whatever i have said is in terms of your praise,
So let your smile be a kind of a blaze,
That shines brightly and intensively in every passing phase. :-)