Saturday, September 01, 2012

All alone...

You were around…
  • When I came into this world
  • When I shed my first tears
  • When I laughed for the first time
  • When I said my first words
  • When I started to walk
  • When I went to school on the first day
  • When I received my results at school
  • When I went to college
  • When I got married

You were around…
  • When we as a family had our difficulties
  • When we needed an eager ear to listen to us
  • When our family extended
  • When dad was unwell

Now, you have grown old and look who is around you…
  • No One

We your children have all settled down in life, some far and some close…

Why is life so tough that we have to let you live you all alone?

Wish you could spend more time with us your children. However, for now, we respect your decision to live life the way you want to, as you have lived your entire life for us. We know you have your own daily routine there. We would not like you to feel that we have locked you in a cell, in a different city, all by yourself when we go to work. Moreover, as long as you take care of your health, we are fine with the current situation.

It is just the thought that you have no one around you, for whom you have always been around, which does not make us feel nice.