Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life so Cruel

Name: Flight Lieutenant Ronald Kevin Serrao
Age: 26 Years
Birthday: January 17th 1981
Deathday: January 18th 2007
Married on: April 29, 2006
Married to: Flight Lieutenant Deepika Dadlani Serrao

I just came to know about this person 2 days back. I had heard the news on T.V. about a guy who had lost his life flying an IAF aircraft. I ignored this news as we have so many IAF aircrafts meeting with accidents nowadays. However my sister updated me that this person happened to be from our native place, and hence i referred a site for more details on him. Reading about him made me feel life is so cruel at times. Why did he deserve to die in this manner?

This guy was killed while taking part in a live air-to-ground firing exercise in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. His father John Serrao was a Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) and his mom Jessica Serrao was a doctor. He had not even completed 5 years with the IAF, but his life did come to a tragic end.

It felt even worse reading his Orkut profile because we had people scrapping him on the 17th of January, wishing him on his birthday and the very next day people were writing scraps that involved condolences on his death. Life can change within such a short span of time. Don't know why GOD decided to call him at this early age. He had got married just about 8 months back to Flight Lieutenant Deepika, don't know what life has in store for this family now.
Here are some details of their profile which really ticked the funny bone in me:

Name: Ronald Kevin Serrao
Passions: Deepika
Sports:I'm game for anything...
Activities: Try me out....i'm ready
Books:I prefer them closed...or better a library
Music: Can dance to any tune...
Movies: There are much better things to do in a hall ...I could never pay attention to one....;-)
Cuisines: u'r to eat...donno y some people call me a carnivore though...
Job description: I always wanted to fly high in the sky there i am...
Career interests: Aviation n aviation alone...d sky is my home...
Ideal match: Got one already
First thing you will notice about me: Everything
In my bedroom you will find: What do do expect....a football field???

Name: Deepika Dadlani Serrao
About me: Have you seen beauty with brains....its me
Activities: Love travelling...esp with kevin
Music: Crazy bout any kind of music..esp the kind kevin plays for me..
TV shows: Don't have time to watch the telly when kevin's around..
Movies: If only i could get my eyes off my husband...
Cuisines: Anything made by kevin
First thing you will notice about me: Kevin
Turn offs: Anyone other than kevin
My idea of a perfect first date: Just kevin
From my past relationships i learned: Kevin is the best
Five things i can't live without: kevin, kevin, kevin, kevin, kevin
In my bedroom you will find: kevin

What more can i say or write about what i have read of him. May his soul rest in peace and may his family come to terms with his loss, which would definitely take some time.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spot the Difference

Saddam Hussein:

He happened to be the president of his country for a period spanning more than two decades,
However the fear which he generated among his own people was more than any other head of state.

Arab nations admired him as a leader, who dared to defy Israel and the West,
However some called him a barbaric dictator who should be finally laid to Rest.

Efforts from different world leaders failed in his persuasion,
And his regime was finally overthrown by a United States invasion,

His capture by the U.S. forces resulted in the start of his persecution,
And justice was finally delivered to his people in the form of his execution.

George Bush:

He is currently the president of his country for a period which is nearing two terms,
However the fear which he generates among Islamic countries is more than any other head of state.

Western nations consider him as a leader, who defied the United Nations and rest of the West,
However most of the Arab countries and other nations think of him only as a good speaker and for his similarity to a chimpanzee at best.

Efforts from different world leaders in going to war failed in his persuasion,
And hopefully his regime will be finally overthrown by a United States election,

Hopefully his capture by the Islamic Terrorists result in the start of his persecution,
And justice will be finally delivered to the civilians families who died in Iraq & Afghanistan in the form of his execution.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Physically or Mentally Raped

Recently i happened to watch a Marathi movie on one of the cable channels in Pune. The movie was titled Saatchya Aat Gharat (At home before seven). The movie was based on a true life incident and the end posed a question to all men watching it.

The story revolved around the rape of one of the girl students in Pune University by a fake police man. The incident not only covers the incident and its effects, but also the culture which the youth of today seem to blindly follow as modern.

The victim in this case happened to go out with her so called boy friend to a remote location at around night time. A person who impersonated as a cop, caught the two when they happened to get cozy. He then demanded their identity cards. As the couple did not have the same, the guy was told to get the ID card. The Cop then raped her in the guy's absence.

The fallout of this incident was the boy friend did not want to enter any relation with the girl, as she had been raped. The guy was concerned about the reaction of his family and society members if he were to enter into marriage with this female who had been "RAPED". A group of friends who were their classmates tried their best to convince the guy not to ditch her. However the guy posed a hypothetical question to one of his friends about what would he have done if he were in his place and his girl friend was raped.

The guy seemed to have no answer and he said as the question was hypothetical in nature he did not think it was necessary to answer the same. This guys girl friend then realized that the person who she thought was worth marrying, did not have the appropriate answer to what would he have done if she was raped.

The movie thus shows how the society has still not changed in regards to its outlook towards woman, especially when the woman happens to be a rape victim. There are a number of other issues which the youth of today can relate through this film.

However the one question posed by the guy, seems to have left a real imprint on my mind. What would i have done if my girl friend was raped? Would i ditch her, just because she is no longer a virgin? Is virginity the only issue for a boy to love a girl? Does a guy only love a girl for her physical features? What would i or you have done if the girl in this case was not our girlfriend and happened to be your wife, sister, or some relative.

This issue has made me think, but i feel the society needs to have a convincing answer. Do you have one?