Saturday, September 06, 2008


Someone just happened to look at my articles the other day,
And after glancing through some she had this to say,
“Why is it, that girls are the inspiration for most of your poems”,
For a moment I was caught unawares and wondered what was her problem.

It took me a minute or two and I did come out with my one liner as usual,
Don’t worry I did not respond saying this was because I am Heterosexual,
I just said I could not help it as for some time now they were the one’s who drove me crazy,
And that rhyming lyrics were definitely my tribute to them for making my mind hazy.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Those Days

Those were the days when we craved for so many things,
However, controlling those desires was just part of the learning.
There were so many wishes that we wanted to be fulfilled,
But with what we had, it was best to remain contented.

Do you remember those days or have you forgotten the past,
I know you want to stay for the moment and have a blast,
Agreed, it’s been a long time since those days have passed,
But I guess you will enjoy the present even more, if you realize what all you have surpassed.

It’s good to actually remember what your roots are,
I know you might think am I preaching and wonder if this guy’s being bizarre.
I certainly feel moving ahead in life is one thing,
But remembering your past definitely increases your zing. … for the future.