Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mumbai - The Local Train

Travelling in a Mumbai train,
One can observe most commuters’ faces in anger and pain.
Hardships of the people living in this city is for all to see,
A humble living for their family seems to be their only plea.

The cost of living is high for no good reason,
What will one buy and what will one save.
Half of one’s life goes in travelling through these crowded trains,
A sound sleep is all they desire at the end of the day.

Is that too much to expect in this earthly life?

Some of us have so much; still our desires never cease to end,
If only we could all retrospect, and think of all that we have.
Will it not make our life richer… with happiness?

The journey from another hard day at work and travel has almost ended,
However, even as you reach your destination you are pushed around and out from the moving train.
You just think of the day that was as you walk the final steps towards home,
Moreover, you start preparing yourself mentally for the next day, when you would recommence your journey.
Yes, it is the crowded train once again.

The Christmas Season

It is that time of the year again,
When children hang stockings on Christmas Eve.
They wake up eagerly the next day,
As gifts from Santa Claus is what they all expect to receive.

Now that I have developed into (what I think of myself as) a mature adult,
I try to find the true meaning of the Christmas season every passing year.
For some people this is the season of the spirit of giving,
While for some, it is a time to be merry and have no fear.

Just as our professional and personal goals change year after year,
The reason for celebrating the Christmas season continues to evolve.
I am a bit confused on how to celebrate my first Christmas as a married man,
How I wish Santa, could come a bit early, and resolve the dilemma in which I am.