Sunday, June 26, 2005

Does Anything Scare You

I beleive everybody in their life gets scared about something or the other.Some get scared of ghosts, some get scared of heights, While some get scared of miniature creatures like lizards and rats.Also There are some who get scared to go in swimming pool,some who are scared to go alone in darkness,while there are some who get scared to sleep alone.Also there are some who get scared to travel alone, while there are some who get scared of crowds. Some fear to get on stage.
To be frank i get scared of heights. Just wanna know if anything scares you.So feel free to leave your opinion for the same


This Post is exactly opposite of my first Post(Ghosts). From childhood our parents have been taking us to places of worship to pray to God. We also have prayers sessions being held in our homes daily.Earlier we used to pray to GOD cause our parents used to say so. As we grew older we were given our free hand in deciding if we want to pray or vice versa.
At this point of time i want to know that how many of u'll believe in GOD or vice-versa.I at a point of time in my recent past (During my engineering days) had lost faith in GOD . I then used to just try to miss or be inattentive to any prayers or mass held. I chose the wrong path during this period. But suddenly i dont know what changed my mind, and suddenly when i was totally down in my enginneering life i realised that there was a external force which was trying to pull me on the right path.And i believe this external force was nothing but GOD. I beleive in god.
So i wanna know do you beleive in GOD.


During our childhood whenever we used to make trouble at home, our parents or relatives used to scare us by saying a ghost will come .This was basically to scare us from doing any trouble at home .However with age we saw some ghost related movies and there was a feeling that ghosts exist.Also we had certain people who used to get scared going in the dark alone. So at the end of this i want to have your opinion whether you beleive in ghosts or not. And if you beleive then had you experienced one before. I dont beleive in ghosts, but i have some of my friends who think otherwise. So please leave your opinion to my question.
Does any one believe in ghosts?