Saturday, July 30, 2011

White Mischief

(This poem written by me was published in the quarterly edition of the Avaya Newsletter - Khabrilal)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be content

A pair of eyes to observe properly,
A pair of ears to hear clearly,
A pair of hands to get a lot of work done,
A pair of feet to walk and meet new people in the journey of life.

However, you have only mouth and that is for one good reason.
The words that you speak cannot be taken back and hence have the potential to make or break a relation,
You already have realized the damage that you could do with one mouth; imagine the trouble you would land yourself in with two.

Similarly, in life try to be happy with all that you have, you will surely get what you deserve.
In other words, thank GOD for all that you have and trust GOD for all that you need.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A drop is all it takes at times...

A drop of which no one wants to shed.

A drop of which is awaited by the person waiting to quench his/her thirst.

A drop of which at times indicates joy or pain.

A drop of which signifies some physical effort.

A drop of which signifies the start of a new season.

A drop is all it takes at times to indicate something BIG. Life teaches us many lessons that are so simple to understand, that we treat it like a small drop because they appear insignificant at that time. However, we fail to understand the impact of the same until that small drop becomes a huge ocean in our lives.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sign of Changing Times

To hear one's inner voice, a person does not go about locating answers inside oneself, but goes to a location outside called the Echo Point.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Not yet...

Have i been the perfect son that every mother desires?
Not yet.

Have i really been a good brother to my siblings?
Not yet.

Have i been the best colleague anyone could have at work?
Not yet.

Is my faith in God strong enough?
Not yet.

Has everything around me changed for the worse?
Not yet.

Have people lost faith in my abilities?
Not yet.

My time will surely come. 
So don't come me out yet. Not yet....

(Thought of writing this poem while watching the movie Gladiator)

Beautiful season

The beautiful season has made its presence felt,

Everything around has blossomed to its fullest.

Different shades of green is all that i see,

How i wish this season would not cease.

The cool weather makes one feel so nice,

Wish you were around to add some spice.

Nothing seems more pleasant than the season of monsoon,
Really a nice season to cherish just after my honeymoon.

(Wrote this while travelling from Pune to Mumbai in the Intercity Train)