Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grow Up: Media

Don't know what one should say after hearing such crap. Passing the buck is fine. But not to this extent.

Who is responsible for India's loss in the first match of the World Cup to Bangladesh? Is it Dravid, Chappell, Sachin, or Sehwag. No it's Mrs. Indira Gandhi. How come? I thought she had died long back. Tell me how is she to blame? Fool, don't you know it was she who created Bangladesh!

However the way TV news channels and newspapers cover news nowadays, even this has earned its place on some channels and papers. What more can one say about way the media portrays itself nowadays.

Another news item i have mostly heard on some popular news channels. A person has died somewhere, the person hosting the news asks his news reporter at the funeral site, " Waha pe kya mahaul hai" (How is the atmosphere around there). Obviously the reporter would not say, "Yaha pe khushi ka mahaul hai" (People are celebrating his death here). Hearing such crap and breaking news inside people's homes has really showed the level of news coverage nowadays.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Actions Misguide Sometimes

The other day while coming back from office, my bus was stuck in traffic as usual. The bus then halted at the signal for some time. I was sitting at the window seat and that's when i noticed this traffic policeman who caught attention from everyone around.

Unlike the regular traffic policemen we see everyday, this guy happened to be very animated in his actions. The way he was moved his body and gave directions just reminded me of Billy Bowden (International cricket umpire from New Zealand who is considered the best in terms of his animated actions on the cricket field). He was whistling continuously and loudly, waving his arms around. Suddenly everyone in the bus and on the road had their eyes set on him. This just went on for 3-4 minutes. Even the people in the surrounding buildings were looking at him from various floors.

Everyone was appreciating the way he was going about his work. I was even tempted to take a video of him from my mobile camera. As i did not want others in the bus looking at me if i did this, i avoided the same. So you can only imagine the effect this traffic policeman had on everyone. People were just smiling around. However the events that followed this i never expected. It made me realize that what i had seen was only because there was some special occasion.

Suddenly a fleet of cars arrived, followed by various Police vehicles. Some important ministers or foreign dignitaries were passing though that road, probably on their way to the international airport. Everyone realized then that the events that we watched earlier was just an act for the "big persons" who passed by. The following 2 days i just could not notice that animated traffic policeman .

One can't blame the Traffic Policeman; he was just doing his job to impress his superiors, just as an employee in his office would do to impress his seniors. Anyways on the lighter side it's that time of the year when most companies give their employees the annual raise which he or she deserves. Hopefully the superiors are watching their employees the year round, and not getting impressed by their "actions" just before appraisal time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Relations can be inherited by birth or formed in the natural course,
However what matters in the end is there should be no remorse.

Maintaining relations with one and all is kind of a challenge in every sense,
And the feeling one derives after achieving this is really very immense.

There are also some relations that are forgotten in the due course of time,
But it is not something like a person has committed a heinous crime.

Ideally relations need to be strengthened with every passing day,
But invariably in today's world most relations seem to be going astray.

Time is something which is really needed for maintaining a relation,
Coz without that cracks would definitely start appearing in its foundation.

Just boasting about one's so called relations is really not enough,
Coz what matters in the end is who stands by U when you're in the rough.

How Related are U?