Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ni hao (Hello)

A good opportunity has finally come my way,
And with this i hope my career will make headway.

For a project my company would be sending me to china,
And i hope i can execute my work with good stamina.

My boss says i was really destined to have this opportunity,
And this makes me feel that with this company i'll have a good affinity.

He says he would be banking on my commitment to this company,
And i hope the loyalty i show in years to this organization would be many.

I never had expected such an offer to come my way so fast,
And things are really looking much better than the past.

It's been only two months but i'd really like to admit,
That i am already thinking of making my life at

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Saturday, July 01, 2006


I am a person, who does not believe in specifically celebrating a certain day,
Hence am writing this poem after the occasion has already passed our way.

The occasion i am talking about is International Fathers Day,
And this is a topic that really concerns everyone anyway.

Fathers are generally really strict from the outside,
But the emotions that they have for us will never subside.

They face hardships all their life, so as to make our lives less stressful,
And when we achieve success in our lives, it really makes them blissful.

One thing they expect from us, is to be really very careful,
And that in no way , the family name is turned disgraceful.

Most of the things we asked them, they always tried to manage,
And now the only thing they expect from us, is to care for them in their old age.

Thinking about the times i've hurt him, makes me feel sad,
And such behavior from my side, is definitely very bad.

For everything you've been to me i am very glad,
And i just wanna say to you, thank you loving dad.