Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Second Wedding Anniversary

It’s been 2 years my girl, and the ride together has been amazing,
At times, the journey might have seemed long,
As it has not been a bed full of roses,
However, it is not as if it was completely unexpected.
I guess it is our destiny, hence, we decided to travel as one.

Nothing better could have occurred in my life,
Than you being a part of it as my wife.
I have learnt a lot from you in these past 2 years,
This only speaks volumes of the person that you are,

Hence, just as I said last year, I want to say,
I really like you for what you are my girl,
Hence, don’t change yourself even one bit just for me.
If there is something, that still has to change,
I know that change has to occur only within me.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Wilma!