Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mother Dearest

This poem on Mothers was forwarded to me in a mail. I think its really worth a glance n hence have put up the same on my blog.

An excellent poem on MOTHER, the greatest ever personality Almighty created for humanbeings and other living creatures:

I was a just-born and she was thirty-one,
Though we were we, we were one.
I would cry out in Latin and she would respond in Greek,
I would learn nothing but she never got tired to teach.

I was surrounded by monsters eager to pull my cheek,
But they would vanish the moment i was wet and weep.
She would come running and hold me in her arms,
As if i had won the contest of the charms.

Now I was able to walk and chew,
Hey, i was two.
I and she could now understand each other,
I was her everything and she needed no other.

I would try to walk and fall down,
But knowing she was with me, the fear of getting hurt was now gone.
We still could not converse that effectively,
But she would understand my needs so easily.

I could now roam about free,
Because now i have turned three.
I was ready to join a new world,
My academic life was now gonna mould.

She would dress me as best as a prince,
But when i would come back, she would need at least an hour to rinse.
I was now able to talk,
I was a ferry and she was my dock.

I still remember the child, whose shirt I had tore,
Hey buddy, i have turned four.
I now came home a little late,
Nevertheless finding her waiting at the gate.

She would hug me and carry me in her arms,
It felt like flying through the farms.
We now did the homework together,
I would spoil the home and she used to work.

Years passed and now i was fifteen,
And with each year i would forget to lean.
I wouldn't care for what she said,
Because now i had become mean.

She would ask me to study for a good future,
But i was busy in a different culture.
Now i had many shes in my life,
I dreamed of having one of them as my wife.

I changed a lot which she did not teach,
She would try to hug me but i was out of reach.
She still waited for me at the gate,
But i would look at her with utmost hate.

She would be awake till late in the night,
Because i wasn't home, i was in a fight.
She had so much to scold, but she never did say,
Hoping to find me better the next day.

Time went on and now i am grown,
Lost in the world of my own.
I and she, between us have a river,
I have left her for my career.

When i was young, for me, she sacrificed her ambitions,
But i don't care, i now have my own mission.
I am not with her now, i am in a different city,
She is so old now but i don't even pity.
She needs me now but i am nowhere to find,
In the race for appraisal, i have become blind.

In a few years from now, i will be two,
There will be in my life someone new.
Then i'll forget even to bother,
I am her son and she my Mother.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Janne hum kya payenge...

Socha na tha ki aise bhi koi din ayenge,
Socha na tha ki aise bhi koi din ayenge,
Ab aye ho itni door say tum, to chalo gaur farmayee.

Unko samjhate samjhate ham khud bhool jayenge,
Unko samjhate samjhate ham khud bhool jayenge,
Agar woh samhaj gaye toh shayad hum jannat payenge.

Project plan banathe banathe din kat jayenge,
Project plan banathe banathe din kat jayenge,
Patah nahi yeh plan implement karne ke liye waqt kaha se layenge.

Kehthe hai ki project accha ho toh pahnayenge tumhe har,
Kehthe hai ki project accha ho toh pahnayenge tumhe har,
Magar agar kuch galtiya hui ya pakdi gayi toh honge tum halal.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Waiting for....

Rah mein ruke the hum unke,
Rah mein ruke the hum unke,
Woh nahi ayi or nahi hue hum unke.

Ladkiya kehthi hai ki bhaag khul gaye unke,
Ladkiya kehthi hai ki bhaag khul gaye unke,
Nahi hue woh hamare aur na hum unke.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nothings Gonna change....

Second weekend in a row it has rained so heavily,
And just as before all things came to a stand gradually,
The system in place here has hardly learnt any lessons,
And it’s the people who have to face the brunt of their inactions.

Before the monsoons arrived they went ahead and declared,
"We are completely geared for the rains" is what they proclaimed,
This statement is made every year much to the amusement of viewers,
As a huge per cent of the roads is dug up and waiting for completion.

It really doesn't seem like things are going to improve in any way,
As the corrupt officials have started taking the common man for granted in every way,
Not owning up for the mess is something everyone seems to be doing nowadays,
So Mumbai's days as a developed city, is being taken to the cleaners with every passing day.