Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow...another Today

Our innocence was at its very best,

When we looked at everything without any answers,

There was a time when even though we were not able to identify colors,

Our life was so truly colorful in every little sense.

In life’s pursuit we may have come a long way,

But what have we really gained and what have we left far away,

Do we regret anything or have we just resigned to the fact,

That all those memories are now passé and life has to go on the way it is.

When was the last time we treasured true peace within,

Or when was the last time we did not spoil our today for fear of tomorrow,

Do we have any answers or we’ve just stopped thinking about all this.

Nothing in life comes easy,

And it’s difficult to see everything in black or white,

But what are we gaining anyways, when at the end of the day you feel uneasy,

About the day that passed and what might be in store the next day.

Definitely there would be many incidents that would coz us a lot of dismay,

However, belief in oneself is all that matters at the end of the day,

It’s best to take things the way they come, and enjoy life to the fullest,

Rather than ruining another day, the tomorrow which would be another T:-)DAY.