Sunday, September 01, 2013

Out of sight and out of mind

Out of sight and out of mind,
We are all one of a kind.
News from today is forgotten tomorrow,
Each individual is left alone to face his or her own sorrow.

Some of us might show solidarity with the victim or survivor for a few days,
However, sooner than later we all go our own ways.
Can we blame others for not standing alongside until the end?
Finally everyone has a stomach to feed and a job to attend.

We have elected a few representatives to look after our well being,
However, most of them themselves don’t appear to be law abiding.
Fear of the law might only apply to the poor and the middle-class in today’s times,
The filthy rich and the powerful seem to be always getting away with all their crimes.

Appeals in most cases never seem to end,
Hence, justice delayed is definitely justice denied.
Even if you want to, you lose track of the cases unless the media covers them once in a while,
Hence, each of these cases just ends up becoming part of a larger court file.

The only time you might get involved,
Is when unfortunately you or one of your close ones is dragged into all of this,
Until then you have an option and can continue to be blind,
As out of sight is mostly out of mind.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Being Frustrated…

Used to waking up when the alarm rings,
You wake up and stop the alarm when it rings.
However, one fine day if the alarm rings and then you wake up 30 minutes after that,
You feel what a start to the day. You get frustrated. You are frustrated.

Reaching your workplace and then comparing it with your previous firm,
You speak about all the faults that you see in your current firm week in and out,
You still stick around as you love your current pay check,
However, you prefer to be unhappy every week. You get frustrated. You are frustrated.

Walking on the road during a hot and humid season,
Before you reach you destination, you are sweating profusely,
You feel like taking a shower 3 times in a day,
You don’t like the summer season. You get frustrated. You are frustrated.

Travelling before the rainy season,
Less of traffic on the roads and you reach home on time,
However, in the rainy season, you get stuck in traffic more often and reach late everywhere,
You don’t like the rainy season. You get frustrated. You are frustrated.

Your friend earns five times more than you earn,
You only wish you could earn as much as he does,
You might not acknowledge, but deep inside you know that you are not as good as him,
However, you prefer to be dissatisfied with what you have. You get frustrated. You are frustrated.

Alarm bells usually don’t stop ringing by themselves,
Seasons are not in your control, nor is your friends salary,
What is in your control my friend is how you think and react to a situation,
Else, every single day you can continue to get frustrated and be frustrated …

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Second Wedding Anniversary

It’s been 2 years my girl, and the ride together has been amazing,
At times, the journey might have seemed long,
As it has not been a bed full of roses,
However, it is not as if it was completely unexpected.
I guess it is our destiny, hence, we decided to travel as one.

Nothing better could have occurred in my life,
Than you being a part of it as my wife.
I have learnt a lot from you in these past 2 years,
This only speaks volumes of the person that you are,

Hence, just as I said last year, I want to say,
I really like you for what you are my girl,
Hence, don’t change yourself even one bit just for me.
If there is something, that still has to change,
I know that change has to occur only within me.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Wilma!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have given you everything that you want.

Can you give me everything that I want?

What you wanted is something that you desired for yourself and your family.

What I want is something that will only benefit you and your family.

So can you also be a GIVER like me?