Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Since last week there were signs of rain hitting parts of Mumbai city. Since yesterday night it started raining in most parts of Mumbai city. Lightning accompanied the rains. In the morning however the rains had gone, but it was darker than usual. Since i travel from Santacruz to Mulund for work, i noticed the impact even these first rains had on the roads. Water seemed to have accumulated in various potholes and at some places in Ghatkopar water had accumulated a feet high. I kept wondering what would happen if the rains were heavier.

Last years rain, especially the day of July 26th and the next week or so, no Mumbaikar will forget that easily. Every part of the city was flooded and many people lost their lives. I used to live in Vasai then. I too was affected by these rains then, however the impact on me was much less, as i stayed overnight in office. People who left office for home, never reached that day and most people reached their homes after nearly 24 hours of struggle. There was no power for 3-4 days in parts of Santacruz and other suburbs because of the flooding.

This time however, i and my parents had shifted to my brother's place in Kalina, Santacruz. I happened to be in office today between 9-5:30 P.M. The rain again started in mid afternoon in Mulund. On chatting with my friends i came to know that it was raining in Dadar and Goregaon as well. Power also went thereafter, however due to the presence of Inverters i had to continue my work. I left office exactly at 5:30 P.M. I normally get a bus for home at 5:40 P.M. But with the first rains the bus arrived at 6:00 P.M. I was lucky enough to get a window seat, and was only waiting to reach home.

During my journey for home, the bus was getting overcrowded. This was the first time i had seen so much rush on this route. I tried calling home; however no one seemed to pick the phone. Lightning and heavy rains continued till i reached my bus stop in Kalina. As the rains were heavy when i got down, and i had not carried my umbrella, i decided to wait near a Panwala's shop near the bus stop. However the rains were showing no signs of slowing down. After 20 minutes of standing, i decided to pack my mobile and ipod in a plastic bag and then decided to walk. By the time i reached half way to my home, there was knee high water waiting for me. I again waited for 10 minutes and decided on my next course of action.

I could not decide what to do, as i had seen earlier in the morning children shit on that road, and garbage stinking so much that i was spitting continuosly. Now i had to decide if i needed to walk through knee deep water in that same area. Some people started walking through this road. I could not wait any longer and decided to walk through. You cannot imagine what things were going through my mind as i walked through this water. I reached my building and guess what, one feet of water even here. I reached my home, but my parents were not there. (I guessed right, they had gone to church for novena as it was a Wednesday.)

I kept water on the gas, and made it boil. I put 2 tablespoons of Dettol in two buckets. In one of the buckets i put my shoes and the other bucket i took bath. I was just thinking what sickness i might catch. After taking bath, i decided to visit a doctor so that he could give some medication to prevent any illness. I walked through the building water again and reached the doctors dispensary. It proved to me my bad luck as the doctor's dispensary was locked. I guess the doctor did not come, coz it was raining heavily everywhere.

I decided to go to a shop and buy a bottle of extra dettol. I decided to do this, as i wanted my clothes, which i had worn in that stinking water to be clean, so that the next time round i could wear them. Here i come home again, and my parents had still not arrived. I decided to take bath in hot water again. I don't know what was happening to me, but suddenly walking through that water again made me uncomfortable. So i decided to wash my sandals in one bucket of dettol soaked water, and i took bath in another bucket of dettol soaked water.

I don't remember any other day wherein i took bath twice in an hour. And remember this was only the first rain. I am actually very scared as to what sickness i might catch after walking to that urine, gutter, and garbage water. Hopefully i will live tomorrow to read your comments on this article.

Monday, May 29, 2006


We have students protesting since two weeks on the road,
They are doing this so as to urge the concerned with a goad,
However they are finding it difficult to make inroad,
And we need to support them in decreasing this load.

Reserving seats on basis of caste is kind of an overload,
And such burden on students minds need an unload.
The impact of these policies will definitely be broad,
But no difference for our politicians, as their children study abroad.

These students need to be provided much needed arsenal,
As the cause they are fighting for is highly cardinal,
Politicians are thinking in a manner that is irrational,
And we need to overcome this by an agitation that is truly phenomenal.

Students protesting are being beaten like criminals,
And lathicharging is being done on a routine by policemen's,
Laws are being created by criminals in power,
They seem to have forgotten who allowed them to empower.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Colleagues you all might have had a crush,
After watching whom, your hearts began to rush.
All my friends i too was no different,
And have also suffered from this ailment.

In my case, she knew me very well,
But we just moved apart, without any farewell.
I met her today, after a pretty long time,
And she welcomed me, by giving a sweet smile.

On speaking to her, i realized i was getting nervous,
And i was hoping that it would not be conspicuous.
We happened to speak for a pretty good while,
And she asked me to come over the next time.

She looked much prettier than the last time,
Probably this was happening as i'd seen her after a long while.
Conversing with her made me think about the time we spent together,
Because memories of the first crush are always there to remember.

So guys and gals, did u experience such feelings after u met ur first crush somewhere. Feel free to leave ur comments on the same.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Religion and politics should definitely not collaborate,
As these end up ultimately in a very bad debate.

Religion is something where in a person relates to god,
While politics is something where in a person behaves like a dog.

Religion is associated closely with one's heart,
While politics is associated with breaking hearts apart.

Religion makes a persons life sweet as honey,
While politics makes a person think only of money.

Politicians always seem to have a never ending appetite,
And one has to be very careful as to whom next they might bite.

Religion is something that helps us respect others.
While politicians are those who don't even think of their mothers.

Friday, May 19, 2006


They say they will make our country a superpower,
But now we feel we did wrong by allowing them to empower,
Coz when they start campaigning their promises smelled sweet as flower,
But after coming to power their promises crash like a huge tower.

Power for politicians is like an addiction,
So they want to divide us by creating reservation,
With such policies they won't get admiration,
And it's time to overcome such a system of administration.

Why the hell do they want to reserve,
When a person doesn't really deserve,
To prevent education from such abduction,
It's time to deal such unfair policies with proper action.

Agreed that the system has to benefit the poor,
But with reservation politics what is it accounting for,
We did not elect them to act as dictators,
And such policies should definitely be shown the door.

Why divide people on the basis of caste,
As it presents our country in such a bad taste,
Instead of making decisions in haste,
Reservations politics should be laid to rest.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


After receiving a severe setback,
I still had hopes she would get back,
And she didn't disappoint me,
Coz later she got in touch with me.

She asked me to let her know,
If i was interested in talking or no,
Coz she had thought otherwise,
But i said i would not antagonise.

I knew this from the very outset,
That it would be difficult to change her mindset,
And after my earlier conversation had made her upset,
It was time for me to come out of my closet.

I asked her after all this could we still blend,
To which she replied we can always remain friends,
She added as a friend she'll surely be there,
And for advice i need not go elsewhere.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


For all my friends who knew i always studied byheart,
I want u all to know that the poems i had written, were always a reflection of my heart.

It's true i always sent her messages that involved love,
As she never updated me that she really does disapprove.

It's also true that she sent me messages that involved friendship,
However i always responded with messages in terms of relationship.

It took me three months to tell her, that i liked her,
But she made it very clear at that moment itself, not to think about her.

I hope that she doesn't consider me a pervert,
Coz if that's the case i would like her decision to revert.

I had always wanted to take my relationship with her further,
But now i think its time for me to respect the feelings of her.

She says, she always treated me as a good friend,
So i feel its time for me, to not let this friendship end.

Friends like her are not found every day,
And i would like our cherished moments to stay.

I tried my very best, but i failed to commove,
This probably happened as i misunderstood her friendship for love.

I know it would be difficult to overcome my feelings for her,
But that would be better than to again try hurting her.

I called her one last time expecting the unachievable,
And her response was something that was always inevitable.

I asked her if after all this can we still remain friends,
But with no response from her side, sadly its our friendship that would end.

I would really hope that she does change her mind,
Coz without responding she does look very unkind.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yesterday afternoon i happened to meet my building friend, Roshan D'souza. He asked me if i could accompany him to the SHRINE of DON BOSCO'S MADONNA at Matunga, with his family. It was his birthday today. I thought what better way to start a Sunday and hence replied in the affirmative.

My family always visits this shrine once a year. However for the last few years i have not been able to accompany them due to some or the other reason. A visit to this shrine was something i always liked as a kid. After attending mass at this shrine, we used to go to their office for some contribution to the church. I used to wait for this moment, as the person out here used to give a handful of chocolates to kids.

However now times have changed and i feel i have grown spiritually in the last 3 years or so. There were times before this, where in i questioned the presence of god. However now whenever i feel down in life or even when i achieve something, i don't forget to thank god. I feel he always has something for someone, and it is wrong on our part to question him when things don't work out.

I have a minus point where in i am unable to concentrate for long times when people talk. However the sermon at the mass was something that made me think. The priest started his sermon with how a movie was made. He said there were 3 golden words that a director said before commencing a shot, these included lights, camera, and action. He said without proper direction the movie would not be created that well. He tried relating this to our lives.

He said "What is our life without proper direction". This line made me really think. Parents and family members play an important role in nurturing kids in the right direction. I thank my parents for always giving me what i wanted and guiding me when i did something wrong. Today is International Mother's Day, and i thank my mother for everything she has been to me. I would like to end this article by mentioning the Jewish proverb that i read somewhere, "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers".

Friday, May 12, 2006

Feels good.

After watching her today i couldnt turn my sight,
As i met her after almost a fortnight,
And she just looks more beautiful with every passing night.

I was getting scared as one of my poems had made her feel bad,
As after hearing it she said she was going mad,
And she wanted to know the reason as it was making her sad.

As a result of the earlier poem the situation was very tight,
However i was lucky today as everything went right,
And i can sleep tonight without any fright.

Hearing her voice makes my day,
That is why i try calling her everyday,
In addition to this what more can i say.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's her.

I read this somewhere that "Poets are all who love, who feel great truths, and tell them; and the truth of truths is love." That's the reason i am continuing where i left earlier, by trying to make some poems.

It was not love at first sight,
But that doesn’t mean my love is not right,
Coz be it day or night,
My love for her is always intact.

She always likes singing,
Though it is not worth dying,
But that doesn't stop me from dreaming,
What would actually happen if she undergoes training.

She cried at the slightest pain,
And it took me a lot of time to restrain,
But my efforts didn't go in vain,
As it would make her laugh again.

She has a naughty smile,
To see that i could walk a mile,
Her range of looks are versatile,
As vast as the longest river Nile.

She has a pleasant voice,
Which makes me feel nice,
I'd hope that she would add spice,
By being a part of my life.

Hearing her voice makes my day,
That is what i miss most these days,
As our work has taken us different ways,
And this has brought my life into disarray.

I want to end by saying that when you feel lonely, remember that someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

MEDIA: Identify your role

With the advancement in technology, incidents occurring around the world are covered in a span of minutes if not seconds. Television is a major player in reporting this news. With the introduction of satellite television, channels from around the world are available at affordable rates.

We have channels telecasting us sports, wildlife, educational programs, politics, etc. What I want to primarily write on is the cheap way, in which some news stories are covered. The other day I was watching a report, where in a funeral was being covered. The reporter was being asked by the television presenter, "Waha ka mahaul kaisa hai" (What is the mood out there). It’s understood that when a funeral has occurred, there will be sadness and not happiness. The reporter adds that people out here are crying a lot. It is a great loss to the family members. What sort of questions or answers are these. A death in ones family is played like a drama on television. Luckily we don’t have advertisements sponsoring funerals. What a mockery that would make.

Earlier when incidents like bomb blasts were covered, we had news reporters saying, “What you are going to see now may make you uncomfortable, please ensure your children are watching this under your supervision”. This was done so that children or some people like me, who can never tolerate blood or dead bodies scattered all over. However nowadays we have these reports just starting without any warning. What impact does these have on young minds. Isn’t media supposed to play a bigger role in nurturing young minds?

Recent fashion shows in Mumbai had their share of problems with wardrobe malfunctions. It is a different question if this was planned or just an accident. Most news channels refrained from telecasting those semi-nude images. However some channels did just the opposite to increase their TRP ratings. What are we looking at out here, news at the cost of nudity? Agreed that some might say with the advent of internet, when porn is available so freely, why should blurred semi-nude clips not be telecast as news? I insist on thinking otherwise.

I feel media plays an important role in everyone’s lives. I really admire certain reporters for the manner in which they present news. One feels good while listening to certain reporters and news presenters. We kind of associate with them. I feel just because certain news channels want to sell themselves; they broadcast news without any standards. I think its time for media to understand their role, and not lower themselves to certain levels just for the sake of selling news. Feel free to leave your comments on this article.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poet..... who me?

As i said last time around, i have been influenced in writing many poems. I want u all to have a look at these poems. Remember nothings plagiarised. It's straight from the heart.

First one: (This was written when she was taking about her own styles & i had already got the offer letter in a new company)

She is very naughty,
She is very sweet,
She makes u feel horny,
But she is really neat.

She makes u feel crazy,
She makes u feel good,
She has a good smile,
That is worth travelling a mile.

She follows no style,
She follows no rule,
But the style that she creates,
In itself becomes a rule.

I don't want to forget u,
But i have to move away,
But i want you to know,
That even in my silence,
My love for u will never change.

Second one: (This was in response to her comments of me not being romantic)

You say i'm sad,
I think that's too bad,
You say i don't know romance,
I think u never gave me a chance,
Never judge a person in haste,
Coz later u may repent ur taste.

Third one: (This was written in the middle of the night)

Sometimes i feel i love u,
Sometimes i feel i hate u,
But at the end of the day i realize,
Ur d one for me & i still need u.

Fourth one: (This was when i was trying to let her know my feelings)

I love u not because i need u,
I need u because i love u,
Coz jab maine tujhe apna dil diya,
Mujhe pata nahi tera naam ______.

Fifth one: (This was when i was really admiring her)

If looks could kill,
I would be dead,
Ur beautiful,
That is the reason y i said.

Sixth one: (This was when i was angry with her , however i did not sms her, as i did not want to hurt her)

I'm hurt by ur actions,
U'll have to bear my reactions,
Life without u was like a cake without cream,
But now i wanna forget u like a bad dream,
I was thinking to have u as my wife,
But now i feel better as i won't have u in my life.

Seventh one: (This was my first poem for her)

Ek thi gaon ki choree,
Jise dekha karta mein chori chori,
Jab mein dekha karta use roz,
Tab kho deta mein apna hosh,
Jis ladki ko maine dil diya,
Us ladki ka naam ______.

Eight one: (This was a poem for one of my male friends and his chick)

ABC & DEF got wet in rain,
So DEF's mom hit her with cane,
But DEF's effort didn't go in vain,
As after 9 months she developed labor pain.

Actually this time round even if you don't comment, it will not matter. Coz she likes my poems, that's more than enough appreciation. Still i need ur comments. Hope they don't sound cheap. However give the last poem the benefit of doubt. Need to have ur comments.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Something to "grave" about

This is in reference to a report i had watched on television the other day. The reporter out here happened to be an aspiring journalist, Shamit Ghosh. He was a resident of pune and had done some course from Rai University before it shut shop. He was about 25 years of age and had created a report which was of a serious nature.

He happened to visit a small graveyard. On his visit out there, he happened to see something that would make one sick. There were dead bodies of humans dispersed around, with dogs and other creatures enjoying a good meal. On further investigation he found out that there was hardly any place for burying the dead, and hence after a period of three months the bodies that were earlier cremated were removed out. It did not matter if they were decomposed or not. He had captured the images on camera and CNN IBN broadcasted this report without any editing.

This report was shown during the 9 P.M news and i happened to be having dinner. Watching mutilated bodies being eaten by dogs was not something i expected. The people around that graveyard had no problems with what was happening in their neighborhood. It made me uncomfortable. Is this the way we treat our dead.

How would we react, if we had such incidents happening in our neighborhood. What happened out in this case is definetly not done. Kudos to this lad for bringing out such a story. His report has definetly made us something to "grave" (Oops.........sorry), Something to"think" about.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Island Resort

This is about the unofficial office picnic that 20 of us had been to on saturday the 22nd of April 2006. We had planned to go for a picnic about a week in advance. The picnic spot was decided after we guys voted. The choice was a resort in virar or esselworld. Majority votes went for resort and also we got a concession, as one of the females uncle owned the resort. The destination was khanvide near vaitarna some where in thane. The resort name was Island Resort. After deciding over our mode of transport we finally reached an agreement of hiring 2 sumos. We decided to meet the next day at about 7:30 A.M.

I reached borivli station around 7:25 A.M, and i met 3 girls from our office on the platform. We waited and waited for all the guys to come and finally we left around 8:45 A.M. The person who happened to come last was Altaf (who the previous day was like i won't be coming). Kunal was the person who had planned who would be sitting in which sumo. This was done as there were certain females who couldn't tolerate boys drinking in the sumo. The plan went for a toss at the end and around 10 boys sat in one sumo, these included the guys who wanted to drink. The other sumo contained around 8 girls and 2 boys.

On the way, our sumo stopped several places to collect chakna for the drinks. We had kunal, alok, and shrikant doing the necessary arrangements. Jiten who was sitting at the backend of the sumo was almost fultoo tight. I was getting scared he would vomit. We stopped the vehicle and had dheeraj shifting behind and jiten next to the driver. None of the guys in our sumo had been to this place before. We happened to go to virar west and were totally lost. Infact even the people out there were giving wrong directions. The girls in the other sumo reached the picnic spot at around 10:45 A.M. While we guys happened to reach at 11:30 A.M. But the journey was very enjoyable. The girls can hardly argue that the final 5 kms of reaching the resort was like an esselworld ride. Infact with the sounds we were making in the vehicle, the driver was looking confused all the while.

Once we reached the resort, we were informed to have our breakfast immediately. The breakfast was good enough with some idlis, fowa, medu vada and sambhar. Once we had tea, we went to the place where we could change and keep our bags. Last time round i had been to a resort and had not been in water. The entire day i was playing TT and Carom. So the girls were like, don't act sad this time. I had decided to remain in water the entire day and i exactly did that. The first thing we did was to go in the pool and cool ourselves. After that we went to the slides and enjoyed ourselves. How can we forget a girl nicknamed Raju (For all the wrong reasons). She seemed to enjoy all by herself. How can we forget her pole dance.

We were informed at 1.00 P.M to have our lunch. So we went straight out there, and had ourselves enjoying the lovely veg food that was available. Lunch included rice, bhendi vegetable, mixed vegetable, salaad, puri's papads, aamras, etc. The food was really tasty. If my mom could cook such vegetarian food, i would really consider stopping non-veg.

Once we had our lunch, we took some snaps and after a while took a dip in the pool again. This time we started playing some games, like dhamsharas (raju was a expert in this), and something like chinese whispers. It was a good time pass. All the time we were removing snaps and finally as luck would have it the day was coming to an end. We ended our day by having a rain dance. We had a bath and changed ourselves, all ready to leave for the day.

Going back we changed the group in the sumos, it had a mix of both guys and girls. The girls in my sumo were constantly singing and we guys were just enjoying by ourselves. The traffic before we reached borivli was terrible. We reached around 8:30 P.M at borivili. All were very hungry. We decided to have frankies and other stuff just near indraprastha. After filling ourselves we decided to part for the day. It was truly an enjoyable exerience. Hope the people who missed this experience will regret not joining us.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Is this love?

Hey's been a long time since i last updated my blog. Plan to start with it all over again.So guys you may have been in love at some point in ur life. It may have been in school, college, ur neighbourhood, office. When did u actually feel, that the person you love is so important to you that you cannot live without him/her.

Let me tell u more about myself. I was this kind of guy who had a friend circle of boys till college. In fact my friends can hardly argue with me, if i say that none of them had any girlfriends. My first office which was JPMorgan Chase, (where i was in the technical support) also was a group of 30 odd boys. Consider this bad luck or whatever, coz only around the time i left the company they started hiring females.

So here i join a company in november 2006 as a technical writer & what do i see, girls outnumber boys. Infact during the written test out there, i seen a beautiful girl. Infact during the introduction the only name i remembered among girls was her's. But that was not the end, next day i came to know that she's married. Some of my like minded friends told me don't lose hope, coz even they had thought the same, when they had seen her.

As time passed by in this office, i felt i was falling in love with a different girl. At one point i even told her i have a crush. But as luck would have it, she told me, can we just be friends. I did not wan't to lose that girl & thought it is better to be friends than otherwise. I dreamt about her most of the time. Infact among the first things in the morning i used to think about was her, and also among the last things before sleeping.

The girl i liked was actually very friendly. I may have mistaken her friendliness for love, but as things stand i have not been able to overcome my feelings for her. She had such an influence on me, that i started writing poetic messages on love. But now i have resigned from this office and still continue my feelings for her.

I dont't know this is love or infatuation. So guys please let me know if you have experienced such feelings. Feel free to leave ur comments.