Sunday, May 24, 2009

What’s in News?

Did you hear the latest? That female’s character is not good at all.

What was she thinking when she decided to spend time with her guy and his friends out that night.

She deserved it, she literally asked for it. What else justifies all this?

I heard she was seen smoking and drinking off late. Which girl from a good family will have all these habits?

These guys come from well known families, and were having a boy’s night out.

This girl might have been a real slut. Just look at the way she’s providing minute details to the media about the sequence of events that night.

It’s all over the place; she’s just trying to get some cheap publicity.

She’s just ruining the life of these 4 guys, when the first thing is she should not have been out that night alone.

As it is, evidence has proved that there are no signs of struggle on the body of the accused.

She seems to have enjoyed it, and now is making a fuss.

Case goes on for some time with just some sleazy headlines in the newspaper. A year passes by. Everything is forgotten. Accused deemed innocent. Victim made to feel Guilty.