Saturday, August 18, 2007

Green Zone :-)

This is a story of Mr. A and Miss. B,
And this has really got nothing to do with me,
So enjoy your time reading this crap,
Before Miss. B comes n gives me a slap.

Dressed in colors so bright green,
A n B are out here to be seen,
Colors that catch the attention of one and all,
They have really come here to have a ball.

Don't know if we’re going to see them dance,
But if they surprise us that's our best chance,
So be on your toes to have a glance,
Coz Miss. B is waiting to mesmerize Mr. A with her hypnotic trance.

Hey Miss.B & Mr. A, Hope you don't take my poems too seriously....

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Colors saffron, white and green,
With a Ashoka Chakra in between,
Result of the sacrifices of countless great souls,

Representing the struggle in achieving India's greatest goals.

With Saffron symbolizing courage and sacrifice,
And White indicating truth, unity and peace,
Also Green standing for faith and fertility,
All in one flag indicating India's versatility.

Amazing Grace

This girl's really got amazing grace,
That's in addition to go along with her beautiful face,
Memories of such people are difficult to erase,
As it's hard to find someone else to replace.

Decorating herself is something she hates,
Gifted natural beauty is something already on her plate,
It's a nice feeling to have such a person as a friend,
Life without knowing them is hard to comprehend.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Life is really getting so boring,
Though there's nothing worth deploring,
From my side i am hardly exploring,
So life's just moving on instead of soaring.

Work is actually so hectic that it consumes most of my time,
Not writing since long on my blog makes me feel like i have done a big crime,
Even when i am writing this i donno what's going on in my head,
Hence i just thought of writing two verses which will simply rhyme.