Sunday, May 11, 2008


Living in this world, for some reason is getting darker in every sense,
Don’t know why for few moments of pleasure people end up selling themselves,

Do these people not feel ashamed of looking at their reflections in the mirror?
Or have they even started ignoring their image to get away from their worst possible fears,

Wonder how these people could be humans to not have any feelings of guilt,
But I hope sooner than later their luck runs out and they are made to pay for being so full of filth.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Feels like Spring

It's getting so unbearable day by day,
Just feeling like running far way,
Water droplets trickling down slowly but steadily,
How i wish all our worries could also drain so easily.

Donno if it’s the heat inside that’s burning more,
Or it’s the scorching sun that’s causing the outpour,
Whichever is true, does not matter anymore,
Coz I have to overcome it & swim towards the shore.

Life really does seem so cruel at times,
But the joy it gives is so much worth the ride,
Once you learn to overcome the pain, there seems no stopping,
Life then even with the heat surely feels like spring.