Sunday, September 01, 2013

Out of sight and out of mind

Out of sight and out of mind,
We are all one of a kind.
News from today is forgotten tomorrow,
Each individual is left alone to face his or her own sorrow.

Some of us might show solidarity with the victim or survivor for a few days,
However, sooner than later we all go our own ways.
Can we blame others for not standing alongside until the end?
Finally everyone has a stomach to feed and a job to attend.

We have elected a few representatives to look after our well being,
However, most of them themselves don’t appear to be law abiding.
Fear of the law might only apply to the poor and the middle-class in today’s times,
The filthy rich and the powerful seem to be always getting away with all their crimes.

Appeals in most cases never seem to end,
Hence, justice delayed is definitely justice denied.
Even if you want to, you lose track of the cases unless the media covers them once in a while,
Hence, each of these cases just ends up becoming part of a larger court file.

The only time you might get involved,
Is when unfortunately you or one of your close ones is dragged into all of this,
Until then you have an option and can continue to be blind,
As out of sight is mostly out of mind.

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