Friday, April 03, 2015

Today's times

We always keep talking about how proud we are to be part of our culture. However, what values are we leaving for the future generation? If you pick up the paper or watch the news, the only thing you can read about is violence, rapes, thefts, murder, religious intolerance, fanaticism, corruption, what one should eat and not, etc. The list simply goes on.

I am sure most of us would not want to see any of these things in our society. However, the fact is none of these issues seem to be on the downward trail.  

Some of us might think and say we are many times better than our neighboring countries or countries with much bigger issues of religious extremism. However, that’s no excuse for us to start getting tolerant of the issues that we see in today’s society.

We have a central government with absolute majority, which came into power on the promise of development. If they desire, they can bring most issues under control if not eliminate them. The initial signs are not encouraging. Only time will tell how they perform and take our country forward or two steps back.
                                                                      - From an unhappy reader and viewer of today

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